How To Claim

We must be notified within 90 days of any event that will lead to a claim.

Please ensure that your covered employees are aware of this and know how to reach us to make their claim.

Documents you need to provide for a claim

To speed up the claim process, please ensure that you can provide us with all of the following documents.

For all claims or claims-related information:

Call us: 021 045-1754

Email us:

Life cover claim

Family Funeral Cover claim

  • Certified copy of death certificate.
  • Certified copy of insured person's ID
  • Certified copy of the beneficiary's ID
  • Completed family funeral cover claim form
  • DHA1663 – notification of death register
  • Claimant's Beneficiary's most recent bank statement

Disability cover claim

  • Certified copy of insured person's ID
  • Completed disability claim form
  • Completed medical report form together with copies of any specialist reports and investigations relating to the claim cause

To complete some claims, we may need to ask for additional information. For example, if the insured person dies within the first two years of having the cover, we might need the following additional information:

  • Police report
  • Copy of the post-mortem report.
  • Result of any forensic laboratory investigations
  • Inquest findings (if appropriate)
  • Full verdict in the case of a murder (if appropriate)

Please remind your employees to be absolutely truthful when making any claims. If any information is found to be false, misleading or inaccurate, we have the right to reject the claim and cancel their cover. If, after a claim has been paid, it is found that the claimant falsified information we have the right to demand that all payments are refunded.