5 things that are better to do online

Technology has made some things in life so much easier, from enhancing communication to boosting productivity, and streamlining processes. As the digital world increasingly integrates with the physical world, it's important to stay in touch with the physical aspects of life that keep us human. That said, it's also worth saving time, money and effort by going online to get things done. Here are five of our top things that are simply much better to do online:

1. Order your takeaways or book a restaurant table

You get home from work and you’re tired, hungry and not up to cooking. Time to order in. But do you really feel like having a frustrating conversation on a patchy line where the person taking your order can’t hear you and there's a good chance the food you receive isn't quite what you ordered? Ordering food online is quick and easy, and you can pay for it instantly using one of the many digital solutions.  You can even track the progress of your order when the family starts getting 'hangry'.  And technology has even made booking a table at your favourite restaurant a cinch. Doing it online lets you instantly check availability, and get confirmation of your booking. The restaurant can also easily track numbers and bookings. So, it’s a win-win.

2. Research and organise travel

While travel agents still offer a valuable service, for those of us who like to do things ourselves, arranging that holiday adventure or business trip is easier than ever. You can use social media to check out destinations and get the opinions of people you trust. Then instantly compare prices of multiple hotels and airline tickets before making the best decision for your needs. You can even book your seats in advance, check in online, be informed about delays or changes to your travel plans, and even pack appropriately by reading up about the weather and activities at your destination.

3. Buy insurance cover for your employees

In the past, arranging group employee insurance was a complicated, time-intensive and expensive process. Not only was it difficult to customise the cover to meet the needs of your employees, but there was also a mountain of paperwork to complete - not to mention medical check-ups and blood tests for employees to go through. Luckily, things have changed. With Old Mutual SME StaffCover underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited, you and your employees can now get life, disability and funeral cover online, in just a few simple steps. No medical tests and no paperwork. Plus you can customise the cover, depending on your employees’ needs, and how much you can afford.

4. Organise your money

Who wants to stand in queues to do bank transactions or manage their bank account? No one. Online banking has revolutionised how we save and spend our money. We can pay bills via our phones, invoice a client via an online invoicing system and enable customers to pay for things easily, instead of having to wait for them to withdraw cash. Tech really has made convenient, instant banking a reality in our lives and businesses.

5. Keep a diary

For most employees and business leaders, a well-managed diary is a vital tool. While there are still those who  like the tactile quality of a paper diary, most people these days have moved over to managing their days and tasks digitally. Employees can use online tools to share calendars and see when others are free for meetings, add details such as location and contacts (if the meeting is out of the office), and generally just arrange their time more easily if it’s all done online. Plus, if it’s on record as a meeting, then no one can argue that they didn’t see the invitation or have the meeting details.

A fun team-building event together, a lunch catching up with your most valued client, or a celebration of winning that big account - there are loads of business experiences that are better in real life. But buying group life insurance is not one of them. Get valuable but affordable group cover for your employees with Old Mutual SME StaffCover. Of course, it's available online at www.oldmutualstaffcover.co.za. Go there today to get a quote, complete an application or leave your details for us to call you back. Quick and easy.


#DoGreatThings and get instant life, disability and funeral cover online for your employees.


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